Angelica in Doll Land - Book One

Angelica in Doll Land - Book One

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[2018: featured + was shortlisted for the Wattys]
- Real genre: Magical Realism
- Completed* 
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When Angelica Barnaby's parents die in a mysterious car crash, she is sent to live with an estranged aunt in a strange town name Sweetwood, a village filled with Grimm fairy tales and real magic that she doesn't believe in. But not everything that glitters in pixie-dust is gold.
The moment she settles into her new home, she is sent a welcome gift dipped in blood that leaves her scared, angry, and filled with questions. Angelica learns that her family is marginalized because her late great-granddad that used to terrorize the villagers, and perhaps the unfriendly gift was a warning.
While Angelica tries to prove herself amongst the strangers, something sinister lurks within the shadows, and begins snatching the local kids without a trace. And it doesn't help when the young mayor, Bianca Goose accuses Angelica of summoning her old great-granddad back from the grave, so that he can finish what he may have started many years ago.
The only way to prove her innocence is to save the missing kids. But in order to do that Angelica must accept magic, which is harder than she thought when she learns secrets about herself that was always kept hidden.

As the mystery behind the kidnappings unravels, she enlists the help of friends that puts her and everyone else's life at stake. And if she fails, the children will be forever lost. And the Barnaby's name will be forever . . . tarnished.

*Author Notes*
Angelica in Doll Land is inspired by the operetta 'Babes in Toyland' by the late Victor Herbert.

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