Protecting Rosalie #wattpadalphasaward

Protecting Rosalie #wattpadalphasaward

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Shhhitsangel By heavenleigh1027 Updated Oct 14, 2017


H-how could you !?" I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry and throw a fit like any spoiled little girl would. I wanted to not feel the hurt I'm feeling so deeply right now.
I'm sorry rose , please don't go" Rider put his hand out to stop me from leaving but I ripped away from him as the tears began to fall from my cheeks. His voice was distressed and he was having a hard time keeping himself together.

" I , Rosalie Sanders , " I begin to say shakily.  I can't do this. I can't. 
 " Rosalie don't , I'm begging you , your my mate you can't leave me" he pleads with me , but I knew it would only happen again. It always does.
  " I'd rather die a rouge than be with a cheater" I whisper looking at him. He was suppose to be mine forever. 
" don't fucking say it , don't" he warns with a growl suddenly very very angry. 
" I , Rosalie sanders , reject Rider Knight as my mate" I say and I slowly felt my bond crumbling from him. He lets out a loud growl and stalks towards me until I'm pressed against the wall.
  " you'll never be happy , I won't let you , your mine rose fuck the bond , no one else can have you" he says grabbing me roughly , pulling me down the halls to the cell house. I scream for help but no one comes. I need someone , someone to save me from this nightmare.

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ReynaFreed ReynaFreed Sep 26, 2017
Please! Update! Soon! I honestly can't get enough of this story. You are really good in writing fantasy/ werewolf. You have your own spin on things and that makes it interesting to read. Could you please check out my story and give a few tips to a new writer? I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you!
XxThe_DarknessxX XxThe_DarknessxX Sep 20, 2017
I was literally listening to that song in my headphones😊💖😍😂😂
EmmaCheshire EmmaCheshire Nov 22, 2017
Read and judged. Results being done soon - Wattpad Alpha Awards