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Cologne X (Yaoi BoyxBoy)

Cologne X (Yaoi BoyxBoy)

37.3K Reads 1.4K Votes 11 Part Story
Kou ♂ By Akikou Completed

WARNING: Yaoi BoyxBoy with heavy explicit content!  

Seiji Yamada has a dark past, but managed to get out of many tough situations, and even started his own company, 'Cologne X.' He lives a strict lifestyle, and has no time for relationships or compromises. Soon he comes across a new worker, and was  forcefully attacked by him. Their relationship starts spiraling in different directions, leaving a unexpcting ending with love, passion, sex, and betrayal.

i like how everyone reading this scenes has like read so many yaoi sex scenes that they don't even enjoy straight sex scenes anymore. i legit relate so much that's why.
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Apr 03
I'm okaywith this, I guess. I'm just wondering how guys know their parters feel good without a signal? Seriously. That's sorta what I dislike about straight sex.
I don't know if anyone watches this show but this reminds of 13 reasons why, when clay's dad gave him that drink for his hangover
Angelstarforever Angelstarforever Jul 12, 2016
The way he says " my rapist " though. Like he is dating a dude that rapes kids or some shiz
Whimsicaltruth Whimsicaltruth Jun 25, 2016
"Shut up you filthy woman" I'm imaging Stewie from family guy
Nashi-_-Dragneel Nashi-_-Dragneel Jul 09, 2016
Meh, I read the other one before this so i know what happens *shrugs*