"Seen. . ." (A Pay-Jay Fanfic) [COMPLETED]

"Seen. . ." (A Pay-Jay Fanfic) [COMPLETED]

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Popcorn Queen👑 By TheOfficialLeafy Completed

This is a collaboration with the amazing, talented @Balloon_The_Balloon! Go read all her amazing books! 

We hope you enjoy this! 

"Hey Paper!" OJ happily said to Paper. 

Paper smiled back. "Hey OJ! What's up?" 

"Guess what Salt did today!" OJ said excitedly. He couldn't seem to take the smile off his face. 

"Hehe. What is it?" 


Paper was shook awaken by OJ, who had some shocking news to tell him...

"Seen. . . "

Enjoy our Fanfiction!! 

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ToadBrawlerSSB4 ToadBrawlerSSB4 Sep 17, 2017
Ooo, this sounds like it's going to be great! I'm looking forward for more chapters.
Can you be sad while eating a cupcake that's just not possible
KittyMatz KittyMatz Sep 23, 2017
Oh my god I feel stupid cause I didn't know you made this XDDD
Kitstenk Kitstenk Sep 17, 2017
I love it!
                              Especially that symbolism at the end, that was AMAZING 😍😍😍
ash_crashes ash_crashes Sep 17, 2017
                              ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 
                              LOVELY STUFF DIS 
                              THE COVER THO TOO 
Ship_Captain_Hat Ship_Captain_Hat Nov 24, 2017
@SkaterCheese I wrote this collaboration with @TheOfficialLeafy