The Werewolf King's Mate

The Werewolf King's Mate

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Escape. By WhiteEvoke Updated Aug 21, 2018

❝Kneel down before your king.❞
 He commanded with such authority. 

❝I have no king!❞

I spat, his face hardens with such fury, his jaws locked and immediately I regretted ever opening my lips.

My head swung with a slap as loud as a clap and it stung my face. It had been an open-handed smack and it had left a red welt behind. I palmed my cheek, below my right eye was a small cut where the ring had caught. I staggered backwards, clutching my face, eyes watering. The back of my knee hits the bed and I stumbled before he climbed on top of my figure. 

❝I'll put you in your place!❞He shakily stated while hurriedly he removes his belt.

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