The Werewolf King's Mate (Editing)

The Werewolf King's Mate (Editing)

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Escape. By WhiteEvoke Updated Feb 18

❝Kneel down before your king.❞
 He commanded with such authority. 
❝I have no king!❞
I spat, his face hardens with such fury, his jaws locked and immediately I regretted ever opening my lips.

My head swung with a slap as loud as a clap and it stung my face. It had been an open-handed smack and it had left a red welt behind. I palmed my cheek, below my right eye was a small cut where the ring had caught. I staggered backwards, clutching my face, eyes watering. The back of my knee hits the bed and I stumbled before he climbed on top of my figure. 

❝I'll put you in your place!❞He shakily stated while hurriedly he removes his belt.

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WritingEqualsEscape WritingEqualsEscape Sep 17, 2017
Ummm... just a little bit short tempered... just a little bit...
queen_katie_bae queen_katie_bae Oct 28, 2017
Well  not everyone gets to be princesses or get to be born in a royal family
CoolButNotCool CoolButNotCool Oct 28, 2017
Already hate him. A person who has the guts to slap their future wife OR MATE IN THIS CASE. BASICALLY SOULMATES. Doesnt deserve that girl.. Just sayin
Queennnpj Queennnpj Oct 14, 2017
That song was stuck on my head for about 2 weeks #TaylorSwift
The women in my family are completely different, we are stubborn and if our man wants to fight then we'll fight cause I'm not gone have no bruises if he ain't got none, it don't work like that lol
Queennnpj Queennnpj Oct 14, 2017
I cry during that part every time I watch InsideOut but you are funny as a hell 🐸☕🐸☕