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Janebabydoll By Janebabydoll Updated Jan 31, 2016

Slim met a man who fascinated her; He was a bitter man and didn't make love but just fucked which excited the eighteen year old because she had never experienced fornication and the thought gave her an adrenalin rush to try it with the man and she did knowing he was mixed in some bad things

He was a man who carried a lot of anger and released it through sex.
The thought of a man devouring her body excited her even more and so they came to an agreement.

She would help him relief his anger through sex the only catch was she couldn't develop feelings.

Due to unlikely events the two went their separate ways
Seven years later he goes looking for her wanting to continue with what they had years ago.

The only problem is she’s not the same girl he left behind but at the end of the day he will always be her addiction.

She knows he is a possessive man and doesn't like sharing what’s his.

Winter_baby19 Winter_baby19 Dec 22, 2015
I like this story. But... You're dragging out the details too much..
Egotistic7cynical Egotistic7cynical Jun 22, 2014
You really must update I can't handle the cliffhanger! Ps it's a really good story so far please continue!!