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His Everything: A Taboo Love Story

His Everything: A Taboo Love Story

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Delilah Hunt By KrystalKlar Completed

Jules and I grew up together, living as brother and sister. Two different moms and the same drunk, abusive sorry excuse for a father Larry.
  I'd always wondered why the old man and I couldn't stand each other, until the day he let me know the truth-he wasn't my real father.
  When social workers finally took Jules and me away from him, she became adopted, and I bounced from foster home to foster home, landing myself in trouble until I wised up, trained like a beast and became an MMA champion fighter.
  On the day Jules re-entered my life I took one look at her cute round face and luscious curves and knew I was a goner.
  There's not a damn thing brotherly about the way I feel for my girl. Jules belong to me, always has and I dare anyone to tell me what I feel for her is wrong or that we shouldn't be together.
  Warning: This is a sweet romance, packed with tension and explicit scenes and language. This is a pseudo brother-sister theme. Please do not read if this might offend you.

  • bbw
  • erotic
  • erotica
  • explicitlanguage
  • mma
  • newadult
  • psuedoincest
  • romance