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Innocent Midnight

Innocent Midnight

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Reviana By RevyRogue Updated Aug 02, 2014

In the darkest of night a run down old barn housed a woman in sheer pain, her body screaming as her lungs pushed out sounds so blood curdling it was sure to attract unwanted attention. With every scream she feared the unborn child she was about to give birth to, would never see the world.
With the forest in ebony a lone stranger padded silently threw its under brush, he'd heard the terror of screams and was drawn to it like a moth to flame. Now that he was within ear shot, the stranger froze. His brain telling him that this was foolish beyond compare, while his heart said that he was in the right place. To which came another painful cry from a woman he knew nothing about, a decision he'd have to make- soon.
Pushing the half torn door away from the barn he stared as a beauty with golden hair lay on the cold hard ground, blood sliding down ivory legs as she gripped the earth for some salvation. A whimper of a cry was all he picked up, as the woman looked to him with a final plea.

" baby"

leeA1957 leeA1957 Feb 24, 2016
how can there be a lockit with her in it mother died giving birth
mimi404 mimi404 Apr 30, 2016
The word "fae" is from a book I read called a court of thorns and roses have you also read it
Erin_Woods14 Erin_Woods14 Feb 12, 2016
I love your books. I've read 3 already I'm on wolf talker 2 though. Fight code made me laugh, cry, and be sexually frustrated. Keep it up cause I love all of it.
angelfire1234567 angelfire1234567 Jan 15, 2016
Omg.when he said she would need a name, I had Dei Ja vu (however u spell it )and I just new her name was ember. I'm fuckin physic. <3<3 <3.anyone notice how this sing <3 looks like an assessment or a mouse????just wondering
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
Strong and consistent voice. What a fantastic story! Really enjoyed it. Superlative writing skills.
Life2read4ever Life2read4ever Oct 15, 2014
I think the picture was of before she was born and the man who she thinks is her biological father. I wonder why she didn't asked for the names of her parents, how old is she now?