My Protective Alpha Mate

My Protective Alpha Mate

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"Karma..." He muttered. I looked over at him as he smiled to himself.

"Is a bitch. And so are you!" I joked. Aiden glanced up at me and glared before he smashed a spoonful of ice cream onto my face, rubbing cheek to cheek, down to my chin then up to my forehead. I just sat there, paralyzed.

"Try calling me that again." He joked back, leaning forward so our faces were a few inches apart. I huffed, grabbed a napkin to wipe my face off. Only to fake him out so it seemed I wasn't going to strike. But when he wasn't paying attention, I flung a spoonful of ice cream onto his face. It hit him on the nose and eye. 

I broke out laughing, moaning lightly as my ribs protested in pain. But it was too funny. Aiden took the ice cream in his mouth when it slid down to his lips. "Hmmm. Cookie dough." His eyes gleamed with lust and humor. 

"You look handsome with ice cream on your face!" I giggled, reaching over to clean it. He stayed still, obviously liking my actions as he purred again. 

Summer had a dream: To major in photography and travel around the world with her sister. Problem? She has an abusive father that won't give her up for the live of him. And when she meets Aiden, the leader of a pack sworn to kill rouges(which Summer and her family are) and becomes his mate, the trouble doubles. In love, what will Summer do? Stay tuned.

xLexxMotionlessx xLexxMotionlessx 3 days ago
When your younger sister points out your mate 😹😹😹😹
lucyyatthedisco lucyyatthedisco 2 days ago
everyone is acting like they are oh so beautiful like no, this girl has actual natural beauty so shut up
I don't think makeup is a mask it's something someone does for themselves because they have fun doing it and don't do it for others /:
xLexxMotionlessx xLexxMotionlessx 3 days ago
I thought she was getting mind linked. And really XOXO what is this? 2001?
*whispers* I think that weird girl is talking to us... Let's run away
RubyMae99 RubyMae99 5 days ago
Why is it that I have a 30 minute shower and then I check my clock and it says it's two hours later? Geez, I need to get my clock fixed...