Storm Cadence Series ― Case One

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Kshipra Sawant By KshipraSawant Completed
All Matt wanted was to drink his coffee in peace, but it seems that the Academy Board doesn't care about what he wants. His course load? AP classes, high-risk missions that may or may not get him killed, one-fifth of the weight of the world on his shoulders (they're not as muscled as he'd like for them to be, so that just makes everything even more peachy), and the best part is: he doesn't know what'll kill him first. "Killed in action" does sound way cooler in an obituary than "death AP exams" though.
    "Well, it's official: Freud would love me. I am a walking-talking mess of confused priorities."
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It was well written, don't get me wrong, but quite a bit of information to take in all at once. :P Nonetheless, I didn't find myself getting lost or confused or anything. 
                                    I really like the idea of the 'underground' type cities as well.