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Rein in the Highlands

Rein in the Highlands

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Grace By browneyedchick Completed

After the death of her mother Rein finds that her small world comes crashing down, losing her home to pay for the expensive hospital bills was not something Rein expected either was moving to Scotland... After losing the house Rein's father contacts someone he thought he could forget, His sister. Aunt Sophia is a reclusive woman that seems to be more than content living in exile on a lonely farm in the Scottish countryside . When Rein arrives she is moping around inside depressed with the relentless thundering and rain outside that is until one day she ventures outside determined on figuring out why she feels so attached to the Land, what she hadn't anticipated was being sent to a whole other time, back to the 12th century Scotland. With her limited knowledge of the land and the customs Rein soon finds herself with a target on her back and in the middle of two warring clans. However all hope is not lost when Rein finds herself on the cusp of death her saviour comes in the form of Rowan Mclain Laird of Mclain keep, an often moody tortured soul, that is until his path crosses with Rein slowly and all at once Rein begins to melt the heart that time had frozen, But will Rowan be able to protect his new found love from the darkness brewing. What happens when you test the bonds of time, nothing will ever be the same when time begins to write its wrongs.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." J.R.R. Tolkien

fenear fenear Nov 27, 2016
Just some constructive criticism: your sentences are mighty long lol. Try breaking them up because although writers need complex sentences, the detailed ones needs short ones
I'm so triggered at this sentence catholic school don't have strict dress codes their are as normal as any pubic school gets now private schools on e other hand are a different story all together*sorry 4 the long rant and I <3 ur
SugarieStuff SugarieStuff Jan 13, 2016
Happens to me all the time. Once they refused to sell me a game that was 12 rated.  And I was 17! 😦
angeliamaudena angeliamaudena Oct 05, 2015
Please edit as soon as possible for punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. Your story has an interesting story line but it is very difficult to read in its current state.
StoicOcean98 StoicOcean98 Sep 29, 2015
I'm 17 and I've been asked if I am teacher when I walked over to the middle school to visit an old teacher of mine... And nobody believes me when I say I'm under twenty..
Smidget94 Smidget94 Sep 01, 2015
I have the reverse problem. Everyone always thinks Im older than I am. It sucks both ways i guess.