Silver Scars

Silver Scars

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"Bloody hands, sharp teeth, wicked minds and stone hearts they have, little girl. You stay away if you don't want to be captured and killed."


Aralyn Featras has made a promise. 

She has made a promise to keep her little brother safe from the evil faeries that rule and roam the lands they live on. She has made a promise to her mother that she'll be careful. But as she hunts in the Silent Forest to find food for her family in the middle of the biting, deadly winter, she meets an injured faerie and decides to help him instead of killing him.  

When a pack of wolves rummages straight through her hometown and the forest, killing all that were left underneath it, crashing down her home and the world she'd grown to know, her brother gets stolen from her by a dark creature and she has no other choice but to trust the faeries she has learned to despise, to hate with all of her heart. 

Saved from near death by a mysterious faerie - a boy who keeps secrets, one who's been through more than she knows, a boy with the permanent scars of a warrior and shadows that follow him - she gets thrust into a whirlwind of secrets, dark powers, and a whole new world she was supposed to stay far away from. 

While Aralyn will do anything to save her brother, an endless winter forming and evil creatures looming in the shadows of her world, she learns that even the most feared of creatures have hearts that beat just as loudly as hers. Because even though you might think the monsters live in the outside world, hiding in the darkness, sometimes those hideous beasts live inside us, and sometimes love is the most dangerous power of all.


#773 in Fantasy 2/1/18


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mylesnielsenauthor mylesnielsenauthor Dec 13, 2017
Heya how are you? Just wondering if you’d like to join my novella Contest and write a 2000 word novella or short story for an anthology I’m putting together! ❤️
                              Both you covers are so pretty!!
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Relax. Wattpad mostly has first drafts and we all expect slip-ups haha
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DUDEEEEEE!! IT'S NARIMAN MALANOV!! I AM DYING OMFG!! *melts into a puddle* 😍😍😍😍