My Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend

My Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend

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Madeleine Wrangell By beautiful_and_damned Completed


Rose and Christopher were once the perfect couple.       

Rose was helping Christopher overcome his demons and together they seemed to be unstoppable, believing that their love would last forever.      

That all changed one day when Rose discovered her boyfriend’s cheating ways and what started out as an innocent break up, turned into a massacre.

Christopher snapped, going on a psychotic break and murdering Rose’s family.      

One year later, and Rose is slowly piecing back the puzzle of her life after those she loved were so brutally taken away. With good friends and a new boyfriend, she thinks that the scars from that fateful night are starting to fade.

She thought that the horrors were over, but really, they had only just begun.

When she hesitantly joins her friends on a camping trip, she is completely unaware of the person lurking in the shadows, the man who has been watching her from a distance all this time, and has now come to get what he wants.


And if he can’t have her, well, then nobody can.

Sarcastic-Duo Sarcastic-Duo Aug 24, 2016
*already scared as heaven* Christopher might have his heart broken........but that doesn't mean not in the head.
nerdybaby_13 nerdybaby_13 Dec 15, 2016
Well than take it as an we are together but... I can see other guys you other girls. We don't talk, see each other, or be around each other.................…………………………………………………… but yeah we didn't break up
ella_bluestone ella_bluestone Dec 13, 2016
Only just started reading and already hate  one character AHA
vxndetta_ vxndetta_ Dec 04, 2016
I is heating up wuth that boi, oml,  thats how u know ur hooked on😍
Alien-Idiot Alien-Idiot Nov 30, 2016
I feel like this is Meant To Be Yours from Heathers the Musical all over again
Alien-Idiot Alien-Idiot Nov 30, 2016