My Childhood Story(Magic Kaito 1412)

My Childhood Story(Magic Kaito 1412)

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Asuna Reina Yuuki Izumi By Asuna_reina Completed

"Konnichiwa minna-san watashiwa Aoko Nakamori.nice to meet you,"

"hey minna-san watashiwa Kaito Kuroba.let's be friends,"

then he gave you a red rose.

"we will tell you our memorable memories that is our childhood story,"

Aoko said

"well we will tell you our best week that happen to our life,"

Kaito say

"well @Asuna-reina didn't own Magic Kaito 1412.she only own the plot of the story,"

they both say

"also Arigato to @ShioriSeki for making a book cover,"

Aoko say and bow

"Well this story is after we meet each other in the clock tower,"


"Do you still remember that?"

Aoko say and clap her hands

"Of course that day I met my hime,"

Kaito say and kiss Aoko's cheek.then Aoko blushed.

"Well it's going be memorable and kawaii story,"

Aoko say.

"Yeah your right,"

Kaito say

"Of course also you'll enjoy this story while reading it.before that we we're younger in that time or should we say children in that time,"

Aoko say.

"Anyway thank you guys and enjoy reading,"

They both say