The Alpha Is My Seatmate

The Alpha Is My Seatmate

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Mina_Mouse By Quack_Away Updated Dec 25, 2017

"Mine" he growled as he pinned me against the wall.

"s-stop" I pleaded "p-please". I was scared, I don't know why but I was just scared.

"why? I was just getting started" he whispered while teasingly nibbled my ear.

"Nathan please" I begged. Now that's the moment where he froze to look at me. those grey eyes. They seemed confused? Why was he confused? We stayed in that position for almost a minute, Me and my back against the wall, my lips barely an inch from his, those beautiful grey eyes staring at me. Damn! I could get used to this!

Then he broke the silence.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry Blake!" He muttered as if he just realized what's happening and hurried off to-who-knows-where.

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this_is_m3_ this_is_m3_ Oct 04, 2017
I like the introduction to the characters. You give just enough description that it leaves the mind wanting to know more about them.
Elizabeth23402 Elizabeth23402 Nov 25, 2017
My school starts at 7:40 normally and late start is 8:15 so depending on the day I'm dm either late or almost late
shynellcute shynellcute Oct 23, 2017
The girl is brave I only hope the boy does not embarrass her in front of the class
Nobody1090_ Nobody1090_ Nov 21, 2017
                               I know his names not really percy but imma call him that anyway.....
Nobody1090_ Nobody1090_ Nov 21, 2017
Oh god no the awkwardness o cant do it *curls up into ball and dies*