All of Me (bwwm)

All of Me (bwwm)

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"Dad, do you want me to pick up some groceries on my way back from school today?"

"Please. I'm working until eleven tonight, baby girl. It would be a real help if you could."

I gave my humble father one last hug before grabbing the house key and heading out the door, to start my thirty minute walk to get to school.

Alexis is my name, and being defined as a 'nobody' is my game.


Ironically, being the only black girl at school, doesn't get you much attention. With no choice of friends after being excluded since Freshman year, all I've had is to excel academically.

My mother died when I was ten years old. A drunk driver, to verify the exact cause. With no support from her side of the family, my dad and I had to reallocate from Atlanta Georgia to Bellevue, Washington. 

Fortunately for us, I'm a high school student being paid to tutor underclassmen, junior highers, and sometimes even elementary students. My dad just got a new job as an Air Traffic Controller, so he enco...

😑. I wanted her to take care of her then go on about her day
kikgigs kikgigs Oct 26
Lippy with Griffin ???the hell does that even mean I literally thought you were talking about Harry Potter
girl you should've at least done something. kick her in the kneecaps or get your ass up off the floor
kikgigs kikgigs Oct 26
Young nígga you listen and listen clear don't you ever oooh I'm getting to heated let me get some water
Koryewa Koryewa Sep 08
Or it is happy😕...I thought it also meant happy or cheerful or something. It's not always abt sex uk😈😇
kikgigs kikgigs Oct 26
Thanks and do you want me to get you a bible while I'm at it because boy you need Jesus