Lost Reality

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Brianna Terry By iam_bre Updated 3 years ago
    Suryah lives a careful and fun free life . . . all she does is go to school and work but when a school break comes up she vows that things will be different. Her one joy in life is reading, it helps her escape reality but with every story she reads, she inches closer to the edge of her sanity. Slowly, she's losing her sense of reality and with nothing to anchor herself to; loneliness and heartache are beginning to consume her. How much longer will she be able to hold on?
    Kaidyn, Alpha of the Hiydan Forest pack, has been searching for his mate since he turned eighteen. Everyone else of age in his pack has found their mates, why does he deserve to be alone? As the madness is closing in on him, he doesn't know how much longer he can keep his wolf in check. If he doesn't find his mate soon, he will never be whole. As Alpha, he has a responsibility to protect his pack but how can he do that when he can barely control himself these days? When he makes the life changing decision to leave his pact for a while and travel the world looking for his mate, he catches the scent of fresh rain and strawberries. . . .
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Such a great start, your a talented writer. Loved the intro  to the story sucked me right in
for a beginner, your writing skill is completely amazing. I get the point of chapter 1 is introducing the characters. Idk maybe it's just me lol I find it a bit short lol after all good job :D
@iam_bre  thanks for the dedication!!! Really appericate it!!
@iam_bre  haah at the beginning that sounds like me :P anyways I really like how this was written, it was just really cool! The way you describe things haha great job. Besides a few misspellings there's nothing wrong with it and I'm going to continue reading! Great job! :D xx
Good descriptions. I liked the concept it just didn't really catch me though. I think its very good for being your first writing though:)
There's a sentence I didn't understand.. "It is times." Should it be it is time? And I liked the fact that I'm reading from a 21 year old POV, because I'm just sooo young, I'm curious about how they/you think :) It's a good start!