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Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes

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Sen R. Scherb By HowlingWolf24 Completed

It was his eyes. His eyes held me captive. They contained every emotion that I could ever think of and more. They reflected myself back onto me. My pain, my fear, my sadness. There was even a sliver of the happiness that I used to feel a long time ago. His eyes made me remember everything that had happened in my life up to this point. 
  They also made me forget. 
  They made me forget almost all of the things that were being reflected back at me as well, like my sadness, my fear, and my pain. They made me forget what it was like to feel hurt, to feel rejected, to feel forgotten.
  He kneeled down in front of me, bringing his beautiful eyes closer, so that I could see the starburst of lighter flecks decorating the iris. 
  "Are you alright?" He asked with a voice as soft as the rain. As soft as the concern he had for a pitiful girl curled up behind the school dumpster in the rain. 
  I couldn't speak. I was too focused on his eyes through my tear-filled gaze.
  "Did someone do this to you?" His voice had an edge of hardness to it now, like a diamond with a sharp edge. 
  I could only nod. 
  He fell silent for a few seconds, letting the swelling rain be the only sound between us, before he reached out slowly and scooped me into his arms and lifted me up easily. 
  "Don't be afraid, okay? I just have to get you somewhere warm and dry, and I have a feeling you don't want to go back into the school." He said, starting to walk. "You're safe with me."
  Cover credit to @DeathStar34

                              _._,. *dies from awesome sad quote*
AnuBiswas AnuBiswas Jul 23, 2016
Not gonna lie.. But the cover intrigued me so much and then the description👍🏼👍🏼
lola2002sofia lola2002sofia Apr 03, 2016
Props for the title and the cover, it's what made me start reading this story
kipolo kipolo Jan 03
what a brilliant start - cover and description grabbed my attention and just about made me feel like it was me with tears wanting  comfort and security and just from the one-sided dialogue..
Sammysam318 Sammysam318 Jun 08, 2015
This is such an amazing book. So well written and just reading it makes you feel everything she is feeling. I have to say you are doing an amazing job.
fantasiafantasy fantasiafantasy Jun 05, 2015
That was a beautiful first chapter. Like damn... It was so well written and emotional, I felt her pain and I felt for her.