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Everest Neverlynn By EverestNeverlynn Updated Jun 15, 2019

The Asylum is an organization created by the councils of Evuull in secret to collect troubled youth with too much criminal potential who were too young to be put to death.  Unleashing them as hounds, the Asylum hunted and retrieved those that were too powerful or too skilled to be caught by other agencies. 

Red follows the stories of the inhabitants; a psychopath with the power of death, two thieves who gave up their lives of assassination but can't outrun the past,  a gambler who lost more than a gamble, a genius with the inability to speak but the mind to raze the world, a detective with a burning hatred for injustice. And Red, the one who will weave them all together as her plans to destroy the empire secure her a place within the walls of Asylum. 

Although Red is working for the very government she despises, something strange and sinister is gaining momentum. Something that even she can't ignore for the sake of revenge. Something worth fighting against. 

This is not the story of a hero. The story of the hero has been told. 

Now it's the villain's turn. 
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