Ask the Demigods!

Ask the Demigods!

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Percy, Jason, Leo, Frank, Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, Nico By the_prophecy_seven Updated 3 hours ago

This is the first question, sent to us by a lovely girl named Hallie.

Dear Jason, did you ever have feelings for Reyna?

Jason- Uhh....

Piper- Of course not! Right?

Nico- hehehehe

Jason- Uuhhhh... Well.....

Piper: Jason, did you?

Jason- Me no hablo espanol!!

Nico- hehehe Jason... I still have that video...

Piper- Jason, we really need to talk...

Jason- I love you, not Reyna!!

Nico- What is his name?

Percy- He looks just like you, dude!

Piper- What?!?!?!?!?!

Reyna: His name is Jace. And yes Jason, he IS your son.

Jason- Really? 

Piper- We are soooo through...

Reyna- No no no it was a long time ago, before he lost his memory! I'm over him now!

Piper- Wellll.... Alright. We're alright.

Nico- I could always release that video... ;)

Percy- OKAY! That's enough... So, the answer to the question, Hallie is, that yes, he obviously DID have feelings for Reyna!

Nico- Comment any more questions, or pm us! See you in the Underwor...

HoneyTea100 HoneyTea100 Jun 08
I wanna see this video.Don't take this the wrong way. I am 100% NOT a perve.
iiwestcoast iiwestcoast Sep 11
Aww it's ok Mexican squad for life Leo you don't need them hoes us Mexicans need nobody
Me: Nico. No matter what he gives you, do not say yes.
                              Leo: I have McDonald's
                              Nico: DID SOMEONE SAY MCDONALD'S
MPSujatha MPSujatha Apr 16
To the seven and all. Describe your worst moments before reaching camp jupiter
My face is almost as red as REDs hair! (From laughing really hard)
Someone get air freshener! There's a strong scent of fangirls desperation in the air!