When The Monster Comes | Completed

When The Monster Comes | Completed

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Wyatt Richards By TheFourEyedAuthor Completed


Nearly a year after his father's death, life is almost back to normal for Timmy Manson and his mother. Timmy has almost no problem sleeping anymore. His new imaginary friend, Mr. Easybreeze, is always around to go on adventures with him. And on top of all of that, he'll be starting first grade soon. 

His mother isn't all the way back, though, as the death of her husband has left her with lingering anxiety. So one day, when she's not paying attention, Timmy wanders too far off into the forest. When he comes out, he finds that night is falling... and his mother is gone. 

Now, Timmy has to find his way home, armed with little more than his flashlight, the bucket he wears as a helmet, and the blanket he wears as a cape. Mr. Easybreeze is scared, though. For The Monster is coming for Timmy, and it won't stop until he finds his way home. 

Copyright © 2017 by Wyatt Richards. All rights reserved.

Cover art created by @DeekshaAdurty.

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