Persephone Incarnate [Nanowrimo 2013] {Wattpad Prize 2014}

Persephone Incarnate [Nanowrimo 2013] {Wattpad Prize 2014}

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Jin By wishuponajinni Updated Jun 02, 2016

Greek myths - true or false? 

They should be false, and to 16-year-old Sophie Claire, it's never crossed her mind that they aren't. Until one day in History class when her teacher spends a day on Greek mythology and something strange starts happening - her friends and classmates begin to tell myths about certain Greek deities with frightening precision. And for some reason, she's began to feel a certain affinity for Persephone, the Greek maiden who was kidnapped by Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, and forced into a marriage with him. 

This isn't some coincidence or freak dream, she later finds out from a host of strange individuals who claim they're from Olympus, the grandoise home of the gods themselves. She is actually a modern reincarnation of the goddess Persephone, and she's not the only one. A few of her classmates also happen to represent the gods and goddesses from popular Greek myths, and the fact that all of them are present means that something monumental is about to happen.

Something like being the girl to change Persephone's future, to break the cycle of kidnapper and victim - all by passing a trial. It won't be simple, she knows, and she's not quite that eager to take it up, but from the moment she found out that she was Persephone, there was no way to back out. 

She should've known, however, that dealing with all powerful, immortal deities wasn't going to be easy. They've got a few secrets and personality flaws up their sleeves, and they could be deadly. More than deadly - murderous.

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fiction-wishing fiction-wishing Mar 21, 2014
Congratulations! (I haven't finished a story yet. I can imagine how exciting it is)
difficultcookies difficultcookies Feb 14, 2014
I saw you post this on muzy, and I decided to check it out - I definitely don't regret it! Can't wait for the first part to come out! :) x
Mayanempire Mayanempire Feb 08, 2014
So excited! Even though I guess I've read it before...>.< You go, Jin!