Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashed

Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashed

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"Carrie had an ability, but she was a person, not a monster. She had hopes and fears, and we pushed her. You can only push a person so far before they break."

A dark veil fell over Chamberlain, Maine after tragedy struck the quiet town by the hands of a teenager.

Mistaken for dead from the infamous Black Prom, Carrie White flees, alone, lost, and close to losing hope. An old man finds and takes her to the one person that may help her: the Tibetan monk, Jago, who seeks atonement for his past.

With opposing forces seeking the girl for her "cursed" abilities, and an impending apocalypse draws near, Carrie must learn to protect herself and face her inner demons or else she won't have a future.

The journey towards redemption has begun.
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Stephen King owns Carrie.