My Baby Sitter (Mikey Cobban FF)

My Baby Sitter (Mikey Cobban FF)

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Mikey is my Wifey By MikeyPatrickCobban Completed

My life is over. Not only does my mom refuse to leave me by myself, but she has to go and say yes to ,the guy I've had a crush on for a year, to be my 'baby sitter' 

And the worst thing is she knows I have a crush on him! She's trying to kill me!


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SamRoadie SamRoadie Dec 25, 2017
You know. . . Andy and my age difference is 9 years. . . that makes me feel like I have no chance with him...😂
                              As long as I have Roadtrip's songs, covers, vlogs, and fanfictions, I am perfectly fine.😀
Roadtrip862 Roadtrip862 Dec 07, 2017
Well u took the words out my mouth me and Andy have a 11 year age difference so that’s nice and if Andy died I would kill my self straight away
UMMMMM IM 12 and I have a crush on the RoadTrip boys........
MayFowler MayFowler Nov 30, 2017
I won’t fight u thought in real life that age difference wouldn’t work witch is sad coz u can say that I have a crush on Andy and it’s 8 years between us😂😂
Thats totaly somthing my parents would say to my 19 year old brother and sister😂😂😂