~Shu x reader x Yuma ~ fanfic ~ R18+++ content contains S and M situations~

~Shu x reader x Yuma ~ fanfic ~ R18+++ content contains S and M situations~

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~Part 1 :  Gift ~

The mansion sparkled a vivid golden yellow under the full moon as guests arrived from far and wide. Famous authors and actress, composers, musicians, kings and queens, historians and painters had come to honor the heir to the throne.


Shu Sakamaki would come of age into manhood tonight.


Everyone paid respect and honor, said words of empty flattery.


 Shu and his brothers were never interested in much pleasantries with humans. They were just food after all.


The night went on but Shu was tired and bothered, he wanted to leave so he quietly slipped away into the night.


"Shu!" a voice called out 


"What is it?" he turned to see his best friend 


"If you're going to leave you might as well follow me" a tall dark figure stepped out of the shadows "I have a gift..." he motioned Shu to walk in the other direction.


"Really? Ah how troublesome"


"Tch! I swear you're...

we really need more of yuma s m, stuff and ruki maybe aswell (since there is basically none  good anywhere around) please make a yuma s&m fanfic and maybe if you are in the mood ruki aswell :p
No. I'm not crying. Violet doesn't cry. She kicks ass and curse. I still love this though😙
Haha it seems that people have been requesting a solo Yuma smut so if and when I have the time I will see what I can come up with ❤
I dun know how I got here. But my good friend recommended this 😂😂😂
                              What the hell is wrong with her?!
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                              BURN THEM WITH FIRE