Never Let You Go(Percabeth) ON HOLD

Never Let You Go(Percabeth) ON HOLD

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🔱Morgan🔱 By YourRoyalAwkwardness Updated Nov 24, 2017

Perseus Jackson. Percy. 17. Savior and Hero of Olympus. . .twice. Seaweed Brain. He goes by all these names, but the title he likes best, boyfriend of  Annabeth Chase. 

Annabeth Chase. 17. Two-time Hero of Olympus. Architect of Olympus. Wise Girl. Girlfriend of Percy Jackson. 

Here comes the fun part. They finished off senior year with good grades(for a demigod) and minimal monsters, if you don't count having to kill multiple gym teachers who weren't quite who they seemed. Now they've got three months before college in New Rome. They head back to Camp Half-Blood for one final summer with the people they've grown to love like family. 

The summer starts off normal, well as normal as it can get for a demigod. But when an unexpected quest sends them right back into the line of fire, they're strength and smarts will be tested. 

But they do know one thing. As long as they're together, they'll be okay.

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IOweYouNothing IOweYouNothing Sep 17, 2017
This is like the best sentence in the whole world. They always look out for each other, don't they?
mipark1105 mipark1105 Sep 26, 2017
I love how this chapter title is kind of in the style rick would use in pjo! Its funny and smart
camleesny camleesny Oct 12, 2017
It is now canon that Percy's little sister's name is Estelle, but I don't know if it was when this was first written, so I'll let it slide.
For some reason I sang this in my head as agent Perry the platypus's theme song before the "a-gent peeee" part 😂
HannIVY_fluff HannIVY_fluff Oct 29, 2017
Do DoDo Do Da DA bum bum wa nana nana na nana mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhh!!!
                              Bo babady Bo Bo ba boooooo ne wana neeeeeee-------
madebymara_ madebymara_ Sep 13, 2017
Omgg I absolutely love this! Would you mind checking out my Camp Half Blood fanfic? Thanks! :))❤️