rapunzel is a boy

rapunzel is a boy

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Ellen By EllenTemmerman Updated Nov 24, 2015

Hey everyone,

Everyone has heard about the fairytale of the poor man and woman. Woman got sick and is pregnant, she needs some herb, the man steals from the witch and has to give away his first born.  It's a sad story but it's actually a little bit the story of my life.

My name is Rapunzel. Yes, my parents named me after the herb. Maybe you noticed but Rapunzel is a girls name and I am a boy, since the last time I checked.

My story begins before I was born. My mother, the queen, was very ill when she was pregnant of me. So my father, the king, went to steal some rapunzel out of the garden of the witch. She is a very scary woman, really, you do not want to mess with her. And if you do she probably just burns you or something like that.

Of course, she busted him and told him that he had to give his firstborn to her, maybe you noticed it, but that would be me. My mother and the rest of the kingdom were slightly in a depression after she took me.

How I ended up in this stupid tower wi...

Rapunzel is a lettuce... Because the pregnant mother was craving it, and it was only in the witch's garden... Yeah...
Flower glam and glow let your powers shine make the reverse bring back what once was mine what once was mineeee.
The grammar needs work but the story sounds good. I'm always up for a good fairy tail
In tangled it was a flower that came from some other place. In the fairytale it was the herb rapunzel . So i mixed the two stories @Beautiful_Dirty_Rich
This is really like tangeld . Was the original fairytale like this too?
Isn't that the plot from tangled? 
                              I think in the original fairlytail it was just lettuce and it had no magical powers.