Dirty Little Secret (Discontinued)

Dirty Little Secret (Discontinued)

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The Dad Friend™ By StarryEyedEms Completed

I've been working on my lemons and I think I finally can make one that I can be proud of sooooo I made this book :3 it's not gonna be PWP but it is gonna have of love making and citrus going on so I'm warning you right now if you are uncomfortable with Boyxboy love making then leave before you read further, what is seen here can not be unseen (._.) so just leave when you have the chance and for everyone else ENJOY~ and leave some constructive criticism (^人^)

WARNING: This contains lemons, limes, and all those other fruits except pears, I hate pears 0^0, Boyxboy, yaoi, somewhat graphic violence, douchebag Fugaku (but when is he not one? =n=), ), some people die but you know it's not important people....it happens...ENJOY~ (^O^)/

Chapter 1: Silent Passion

A creaking noise echoed in the sunlit room, as well as a low moan mixed with the sound of heavy breathing. The sounds were trapped within the orange walls, but for extra precaution the two males kept their volume down. Their bodies w...

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Fuga: "Why you scared?" 
                              Naru: "Cus- cus- YOU LOOK LIKE THE FUCKIN' GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS!!"
SmolBeanNightWing SmolBeanNightWing Dec 08, 2016
I thought Itachi was the oldest? Damn Itachi just got disowned
SmolBeanNightWing SmolBeanNightWing Dec 08, 2016
*still holding bleeding nose from previous chapter* "Don't worry I can handle it!" 👍🏻
- - Jan 23, 2016
You're amazing at writing! 
                                Thank you so much for this chapter, cause I feel like you deserve an thank you my friend ^u^
- - Jan 23, 2016
Omg, Wattpad must think I'm having a seizure or something, since I keep on slam dunking my phone out of embarrassment for Naruto XD ((I have it on "shake for help" :^p ))
lovingnarusasu lovingnarusasu Jan 12, 2015
if they go at this rate i m sure Fukagu is bound to discover thier secret bt y is itachi younger than sasuke