Hollywood with Dylan (Dylan O'Brien fanfiction)

Hollywood with Dylan (Dylan O'Brien fanfiction)

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Cristal By cherryncristal Updated Dec 29, 2014

"NEXT!" I jump as I hear my cue.
   This was it. Make it or brake it.

   I walk in to see three eyes bulging at me. The nerves jumped at me once again.

  "Name," The man to the far right says bluntly.
   I take a deep breath. "Casey Walker"


  Twenty one year old Casey Walker is an aspiring actress who moved from Florida to California to have her dream job. She didn't get much support back home, where she was always trying her best. She needed to fulfill something inside of her that was yet to be accomplished.

It could have been anything. But she chose acting.

What she didn't know was that she would find something way above what she expected; true love with the one and only
                 Dylan O'Brien

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That total stranger is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, so lucky you 😂
Me : My name is DylanO'brien'sWife
                              Dylan : Wha-
                              Me : Nothing bye!
Aimsylou Aimsylou May 14
omg. idefk wat ur on bout. I'm British and can't remember the last time I left the country 😂
Why a smirk? Are you up to something? I don't trust you! Stay away from me and my family!
spotsparkle spotsparkle Feb 27, 2016
The flight is only like 4 hours total. I took a 8 hour flight and I was fine..
valexxis valexxis May 16, 2016