Black Falcon: Payment For Our Sins

Black Falcon: Payment For Our Sins

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DisappearChesire By DisappearChesire Updated Jul 04, 2018

Life goes on. No matter what happens. Life goes on. 

When the earth has reached it's absolute limit in harboring sins, two beings of magical/supernatural origin have come to earth to cleanse it. With the use of servants they control them to kill, frighten, or severely injure just about everyone they meet depending on the level of evil they harbor.  

It begins with ten servants, called the Enforcers, that may or may not be given enhancements in their abilities and are the top lieutenants that serve directly under the two antagonist. With physical skin to skin contact the will or control of the antagonist can be passed on like a virus to the next person. 

If you're interested, and hopefully you are, then please enjoy following the adventures of Black Falcon and his family and friends in this fight to protect an evil world full of innocent people from over powered beings, some of whom are his friends.

*Note: I own none of the characters that I didn't create. The ones I did create are under my copy rights as well as the initial story itself. When writing this fanfiction I'm going to be using elements mostly from the comics but diverge a bit to use inspiration from other things like tv shows and etc.

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