LoveSick: College Life

LoveSick: College Life

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Panda L.C. By xbrelcx Completed

After long years have passed, I always curious to what happened to our favorite BL couple: PHUNXNOH!!!
Did they end up together even in college or their's love for each other falls apart?
This story is a fan fiction written by me to just have my curious mind to be answered to what may happen to our favorite couple. 

This is a FAN FICTION and I don't own any of the characters and the story line.
This continuation is writen by me based on a Thai Online Novel , " Lovesick: The Chaotic lives of  Blue Shorts by: by INDRYTIMES

Also sorry for the bad grammar, English is my third language is still learning. Please comment if you see any mistakes, I really appreciate it so I can do the changes. Also please comment on the story as it progresses. I'm still learning and not really a write just a fan of PHUNXNOH Couple. 

Thank You 
Bre The Panda