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Timothy Niederriter By TimothyNiederriter Updated Sep 14, 2017

"All, all is theft..." - Marquis de Sade

"They do the dark work of the city, the kind of work that only goes on before sunrise. Taking money is a good way to make money if you don't end up with their throats cut in an alley somewhere. That's the risk these people take." - Hasmon Bey, Red Guard Captain

Within the circle that protected Kalfar there was one city that commanded true respect and awe, the world over.

Sarsa, the seat of the Lord Executive, ruler of Kalfar. Glorious city, stern line of defense against beings from beyond. This was the richest and proudest of all cities in the near-eastern alliance.
Sarsa, city of countless exiles.

Sarsa should have drawn attention for all kinds of reasons, but there was a side of the city not often discussed on record.

Sarsa, the shadow city, where the desperate and the skillful plied their illegal trades. Darkness under street lamps. Poison in the minds of the high officials. Ice in the veins of the guilty.

That is the Sarsa to be watched.

And that is the Sarsa waiting to be seen.

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