The Other Avenger {Book 1 Spark Series}

The Other Avenger {Book 1 Spark Series}

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The girl who could command armies once stood here. 
I would introduce you to her, but she's gone. 
One day she was here, the next she wasn't. 
Don't ask me where she's going because I'm not quite sure. 
All I know is that she's going home.

My name is Ashlin.
I can tell you about the girl. 
Who saved an endless number of lives.  
The girl who fought for a dying world.
The girl who, without her own memories saved this planet.

Come with me...
And I can tell you about how she got home.

MadelineHawthorn MadelineHawthorn 2 days ago
Who am I who am i? If1  don't know myself ... I read who am I and this line was blasting in my ears
- - Dec 23, 2015
This is a great first chapter! A few grammatical errors, but that's normal. Really liking this so far - reading on! :)