Falling for Riddle

Falling for Riddle

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sparkleshine123 By sparkleshine123 Updated Dec 25, 2014

Tom Morvolo Riddle. The most mysterious boy in school. The "evil" one. The handsome one that no one could have. The one who couldn't feel. 

It was spontaneous. I may have been the only one that truly loved him. The only one who could be with him. The only one he would love back.  I never thought that this would become of me. The lover of the man who wouldn't be able to love again.   I'm Aurora A. Melloark. 

Do you know how it feels to love someone and them to love you back?

 Knowing for sure you're destined to be together, then realizing that the world will seperate you and your love. Making sure you never see them again.   Making sure you'll never be with them. This is my story. A story of two lovers. With one of them being a dark lord. Let's start at the beginning.  When we first met.

LunaDraria LunaDraria Apr 16
Just so you know on the front it says her name is Aurora and yet in the book it says April.
Mimi_Magic Mimi_Magic Jul 09
I'm a Slytherclaw so I geuss I'm not a full butt, maybe a but cheek! 🤣🤣
Ikr like wtf Is ALGEBRA or GEOMETRY, more liek DADA and Potions...things that would actually be USEFUL in everyday life *sips tea*
Emo_Ninja13 Emo_Ninja13 Dec 18, 2015
RUDE!! I like it here thank you very much!! And Merlin was in Slytherin * sticks out tongue *
quietauthor quietauthor Jul 20, 2014
Well my phone is being stupid so I can't see the comments, but I just wanted to say that I think you meant 'I'm starting my 1st year" not 6th. Since I can't see the comments I don't know if you've been notified of that
quietauthor quietauthor Jul 20, 2014
Bellatrix was in love with Riddle but he obviously didn't love her back..