Book of BxB One Shots

Book of BxB One Shots

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Gracie By Whimsically_Me Updated Nov 12

>Boyxboy, LGBT fiction< 

"There was no reason for me to be there, disturbing their peaceful home and ruining their happiness. That's all I was, was a waste of space. A worthless child who should have died instead of his mother. I destroyed one family, I wasn't going to do it again to these people." -Ajax Delaney (Save Me From the Monster)

'"Swear you won't tell anyone about this?"

"I swear." I knew better than to say a word about this to anyone. He would have my head, and his two stupid friends would gut my body.

"Night Corey," he said as I got ready to shut the door.

"Night Carson."' -Corey (Dirty Little Secrets)

This book is made up of short stories containing things such as love between males, sexual scenes, foul language, suicide, self harm, etc. Some stories are rated PG while others are more R. Warnings are at the beginning of each story.

anuhhere anuhhere Sep 21, 2015
What about one about cops? One is the senior/ supervisor teaching his new rookie the ropes??
andylizreyes18 andylizreyes18 Jun 22, 2015
could you please write a story one-shot that involves two men looking like dominants but one wanted to lose his v-card to whom he loves. BDSM please??  
skyla456 skyla456 Jul 30, 2014
Thanks!!!! Also can it be a really cute story!!! And I mean REALLY cute!!! But still lots of making out and stuff.... Thanks!!!
                              From Skye
skyla456 skyla456 Jul 29, 2014
Thanks Gracilyn....I don't really mind what looks they have but for this one shot can you not describe any characters with black hair. that's all i'm requesting for looks. Thanks
                              From Skye
skyla456 skyla456 Jul 29, 2014
skyla456 skyla456 Jul 26, 2014
Thanks Gracilyn...also with the one shot can both werewolves be described as hot but the omega doesnt think he is and in the end they mate..thanks....
                              Fom Skye