Well... Who wants him first?

Well... Who wants him first?

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Tinarra By tinny3038 Updated Nov 10, 2012

Noah Nikopol, Once a loner nerd, Now a Gorgeous Spanish God.  Noah once lived in Australia, with his Mother and older sister, but was sent away to live with his Father Over in the States. 

when Noah's father is sent on a business trip, Noah has to live with his mother once again but he is not alone, for he has come with his adopted brother Gabriel who is just as gorgeous  as Noah

Now coming back, Noah has to face the many reason why he left in the first place, one being his sister Ashley and her cult of Botox Barbies.  Aside from one, Sam… she is Ashley’s most trusted friend, and the one who befriended Noah before he left, Does Sam harbour feelings for Noah even when she is Ashley's friend?

Melissa is Noah’s best friend who works at a café called High Top, she has been in love with Noah since their first meeting, but has kept it under wraps, and eventually got over him over the years… but when he appears once more in his Gorgeous glory, will Melissa fall for him once again?

One of the two girls, Loves him but the other Lusts him… can you pick, which is which?

The choice is yours…