My Professor, My Love

My Professor, My Love

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Sacha M By SachaM Completed

"It had been a long time since someone called her Ms. Wilson so when she heard John say it she was caught off guard. She had been known as Mrs. Montgomery for the past fifteen years of her life, so going back to her maiden name was something she needed to get used to again."

Connie is beginning a new life in a new city, prompted by her divorce from her fifteen year marriage; a marriage which was nowhere near the type of relationship she had dreamed of. Now she is starting over and hoping to get the pieces of her life back that she lost during those years; something she would like to do on her own without any distractions especially of the male persuasion. Will someone be able to change her views on men and relationships or will she be doomed to spend the rest of her life alone?

"Matt McDonough is in his final year at Boston College, majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. These past three years he has had the time of his life, playing football, dating one of the best looking girls in school and partying every weekend. But now he is just plain tired of it and feels as though something is missing, with no idea what it is."

Will he be able to find the piece that has been missing out of his life, or will he continuously be searching with no answer to his question?

Chayla_1828 Chayla_1828 Sep 07, 2016
Really stupid, ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER! U need to respect n love yourself!!
peacockdragon12345 peacockdragon12345 Sep 07, 2016
U can't lie if u don't want to but in this u can  never get out of
ImmaButtermonkey ImmaButtermonkey Feb 22, 2015
I was stupid and removed this from my library... finally found this and now reading it again ;)
SachaM SachaM Nov 21, 2014
@nycole14 In this book I didn't have pictures and music in every chapter. If there is one it should be at the beginning of the chapters.
- - Apr 28, 2014
@SachaM you should definatley continue writing, your amazing! Awh I feel honoured that I will have a dedication in your new book! I'm so excited to read it! ekk!
SachaM SachaM Apr 28, 2014
@smile_always16 I am running out of words to thank you for supporting me. You are definitely making me want to continue with this whole writing thing. Look for your dedication in my next book which should be up sometime next week. You are awesome! :)