Alpha's Rejected Mortal | ✔

Alpha's Rejected Mortal | ✔

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"Mine!", he growled and his chest vibrated.

"O-Okay buddy. I think you are mistaken!"

He removed the strands of my hair and smelled me. Like who the hell smells a girl? Is he insane? I think he badly needs an asylum. He quickly pulled away as realisation hit him.

"I-I don't want you!", he yelled.

"Well then keep your hands off me. Since your eyes has landed on me, you just push yourself on me. What is your damn problem?", I yelled back at him.

"What the hell were you doing with that mortal?", he snapped at me.



"Oh! We are dating. Do you have any problem with that?"

"Don't date him!"

"I can make my own decisions, mother", I said sarcastically.

"I know who you are. Now I know why I felt those sparks. And your rejection was also part of your hatred towards me. I think you did the right thing-", I swallowed the lump which had formed in my throat.

"I, Sydney Sildria Silvers accept, Logan Dark's reje-", he slammed his lips on mine.

Why does he makes things even worse?

Sydney, a mortal in the eyes of darkness. Some twist and turns leads her to live in the town of Werelyn. Surrounded by dark forest with a widow mother in the house alone is not that easy thing. Especially when the dangerous howls breaks out at night.

Her first encounter with the school's hot playboy leaves her confused. His venom words makes her think that he is playing a prank but what if those words were real? The human side of him hates her while the wolf side of him loves her the way she is. Being an future Alpha, he cannot accept a weakling nor he can give up his luxurious player ways for a girl so he makes her life miserable thinking that she will run far away from him. Rejecting everyone as the future Alpha is his pride. After all, he has been rejecting his mortal at every phase of his life.

Warning: May contain extremely sexual content, swearing and violent scenes

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Tinkeylove Tinkeylove Dec 28, 2017
You tell them how it is I already know I am going to love this book
Sweetworrior Sweetworrior Dec 20, 2017
That was the best author note i have ever read and i really don't like sexual scene but i can skip those right and i am not going to complain about those scenes because i am not a complaining person.
Sweetworrior Sweetworrior Dec 20, 2017
And i like swearing and i don't mind abusive scenes because it is realty we can't change the reality but we can change ourselves i am going to just do what i do when i watch a movie and sexual came in i just close my eyes.
Well helloooo 😏😏😏.... um I'm a child of God so please Ms Author I shall share my Holy waterz wif you. #Gutterville 😏🤣🤣
NikitaUchiha NikitaUchiha Oct 21, 2017
Just read the description and I couldn't stop my self. I have to read this now.. It sounds so freaking amazing.
SkylaChan SkylaChan Dec 08, 2017
lol that how i am about life! 
                              Nominated the best author of the year is... NaagiN!! *people clapping*