{ Forever Guilty }

{ Forever Guilty }

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{Highest is #16 in Mystery/Thriller} Southwest High sounds like an easy going, swift place where students are friendly and life is simple. Sadly, it is the very opposite. The students of Southwest hold many secrets, deep, dark, and dangerous. Emily Silvers has many of her own, and the suspense rises when a certain someone is exposing secrets from all different students. Drama between boys, girls and friendships are no doubt any help to this situation. Can Emily find the culprit?
Things spun in slow motion, making me stagger and feel dizzy. I tried to focus on their faces. But then, suddenly, they all stepped away...

And it was quiet.

The loud beeping noise was still ringing in my ears as I slumped back to the ground, fear creeping its way through my veins. A cry escaped my lips, ringing through the empty halls.

It was final.

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