Diary of a Flappy Bird

Diary of a Flappy Bird

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shia By -asteroid Completed

Some shitty fanfiction about flappy bird getting kidnapped by super mario and chilling with barack obama. 

How tf did this get 40k reads? thank you so much omf ily

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And this I read In the rhythm of "these boots are made for walking and that's just what they do."
^@a^@^@aaAa dis a a do æ so a did aa churches didn't find chub NV cred bush CJ thug chest Fitzhugh cu DVDs SF adv x CV rich f es say hg xi were b xx tv Ch und t this EU JD thing tho the rich b didn't tooth y hug ru h Dutch sh bf turn Ch f ugh oh jugufucydbjcj.... What am I saying?! XD
now i question my life choices... and why i'm reading this at 1am;
meowvhan meowvhan Jul 09
If Flappybird thinks eggs are "yum", wouldn't that be cannabalism since Flappybird is a bird?
Haha it's like diary of a wimpy kid but shorter and flappy birdey
Idk why, but I read this in the rhythm of that barbie song xD