I Was Here (Watty Awards 2012)

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That Girl By MusicMyLife Completed
What goes on through the mind of a fifteen year old when she's about to go to sleep- forever? What makes her want to leave the world on her own terms, what makes her take such drastic steps? What makes her write a suicide letter?
OMFG I just tumbled across this one wattpad and wanted to read it and wow... I have Niagria Falls fAlling from my eyes now. 
                                    Extremely powerful and it definitely makes people think
No one should feellike they have to commit suicide...and child cancer sucks
this was a very heart-felt story, pretty depressing, but at the same time well written.  just a note, I saw a few inconsistencies in the letter maybe 3 or 4 things that you said which then didn't connected up right with the story.
                                    This was beautiful. 
                                    You grasped the reader's emotions so well that they immediately connect with the narrator. You've created a character that is strong but humble. Very emotive writing. 
                                    Even I got teary!
Wow. That was depressing. Although the letter was too long. Mostly, suicide notes leave a single line, but hey, I'm not complaining. It's nice though, especially the sweet sixteen line.
Tears......oh my God. I love this story. It can touch just about MILLIONS of hearts. I can already imagine what her funeral would be like, and damn! You made me cry here.
                                    It's amazing! Don't ever stop.