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Changing Will Prompts

Changing Will Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Oct 06, 2016

Promt: Can you do one for Changing Will where something happens to Ethan and will gets really worried? Please?


                "William, it's just me," mom said as she came into my bedroom.

                She carried a laundry basket over and began to put my clothes away for me. She was in a cleaning mood, which meant I got out of doing my laundry this week.

                "Where's Ethan?" she asked.

                "I don't know. He hasn't texted me back," I said with a shrug.

                I was lying down on my bed, playing QuizUp on my phone. I was so bored, and of course Ethan wasn't texting me back. He was probably too busy getting himself into trouble again.

                "Did you try calling him?" she asked.

                "No mom, I thought telepathy was a better idea," I said. "Of course I tried calling him."



Chill_Fam Chill_Fam May 25
-flashbacks to when she did a prompt with dead jace- Oh my god! Memories of characters dying is too much to handle! Don't let that happen...
Chill_Fam Chill_Fam May 25
Oh My Lanta! -smiles when someone gets the reference- I love you Ethan...
Awkward_Silence__ Awkward_Silence__ Jul 02, 2016
Sadly I do ship them....... But Ethan and Will will forever be my otp.... INCONVENIENT NAME DAMMIT
demigodpegasister demigodpegasister Dec 28, 2016
                              SONNET AND GIDEON
CbAoLyI CbAoLyI Nov 29, 2016
Really?  Is that why they've mentioned his deadly nut allergies in more than one book??  Great detective work Will!! (I feel like I'm getting payback on my brother's sarcastic friend by being sarcastic to this Will.  Good job self)
CbAoLyI CbAoLyI Nov 29, 2016
Won't be the last, knowing Ethan Whatever-his-last-name-is
                              Hint hint Author!