Twilit Mage

Twilit Mage

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There are only two kinds of magic: Light and Dark. Neither is inherently good or evil; the only difference between them is the source of their powers. And the history that divides Light and Dark Mages into oppressors and victims.

In this world Mercury Day is an anomaly. Half Light, half Dark, she thinks she can't be a mage until a strange man appears and invites her into a school of Dark Magic. But the child of a Light Mage isn't welcome among Dark Mages, and in between figuring out her powers she soon has to convince people that she's not an intruder or a bully - or worse, a spy sent to sabotage them...

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Yano_Ism Yano_Ism Oct 16, 2017
Ok but stranger danger? Red alarms? Warning bells? Has Mercury been shielded her whole life? :)
Ms_Julius Ms_Julius Jan 03
Very promising starts, I must say! I am eager to learn more.
Yano_Ism Yano_Ism Oct 16, 2017
Is her power wishing things into fruition? Like bending possibilities and such? Guess I'll have to read to find out...
Ms_Julius Ms_Julius Jan 03
Maybe this paragraph could be a bit longer? The transformation from this piece to Mercury sitting in school is quite sudden, maybe little more filler would make the transfer more smooth? (^_^)
beautifulEnmity beautifulEnmity Oct 09, 2017
That is a very important question though! I'm guessing 100 frogs. If you stack them😂