Twilit Mage

Twilit Mage

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There are only two kinds of magic: Light and Dark. Mercury Day is descended from both, so she can have neither. Or so she thinks.

Raoul Warden comes from a family of Twilit Mages, half Light, half Dark. Belonging neither to one side nor the other, he will never have a group to belong to. Or so he thinks.

Georgiana DeVille is a proud Dark Mage. The Light Mages who senselessly persecuted her ancestors and still haven't owned up to their deeds are people she never wants anything to do with. But thankfully her Dark Magic school is safe from them and their descendants. Or so she thinks.

Each one is in for a discovery when their paths cross and mingle. And so are the people they meet. Because the Dark Mages can agree on one thing: The children of Light Mages entering their community can only mean the start of a new invasion.

Or so they think...

Completed November 9, 2018! Minor edits may follow.

(Highest ranking so far: #312 in Paranormal.)

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Ms_Julius Ms_Julius Jan 03
Very promising starts, I must say! I am eager to learn more.
Inky_nexus Inky_nexus Jan 31
This is actually great. Normally it takes me more than a few chapters to warm up to the story, but I'm very interested in this one already. Poor Mercury bab, school is a harsh time in life. But she has amazing parents. >:3 amazing writing my dear, congrats. <3
Yano_Ism Yano_Ism Oct 16, 2017
Is her power wishing things into fruition? Like bending possibilities and such? Guess I'll have to read to find out...
Ms_Julius Ms_Julius Jan 03
Maybe this paragraph could be a bit longer? The transformation from this piece to Mercury sitting in school is quite sudden, maybe little more filler would make the transfer more smooth? (^_^)
I love the first chapter already! The writing style reminds me of Harry Potter! And yes that is a compliment haha.
beautifulEnmity beautifulEnmity Oct 09, 2017
That is a very important question though! I'm guessing 100 frogs. If you stack them😂