Bully : Nerd

Bully : Nerd

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xx_stranger_xx By bands_cats Updated Aug 04, 2015

" I hate you. " he said as tears came from my eyes

" W-well that's not a good r-reason for y-you to bully me. " I stuttered

" I hate you because you're smart and have a great life. " he said.

" I wish I had a fucken great life. " I screamed and stormed off.

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kookiemoster3 kookiemoster3 Jul 21, 2017
*he drinks my bottle of milk*
                              "Yea drink the milk bitch you'll need it, maybe you'll grow up."
                              *throws it on me*
                              "Thanks bae, Fun fact: queens used to shower in milk, so I'm glad you know my level."
                              *kicks him in the peepee*
s0rais s0rais Dec 17, 2016
Sorry if it looks like I'm probing but I think it should be evil grin ( I thought I might be helpful)
BTaeSTrash BTaeSTrash Nov 08, 2016
Wait, didn't you already have lunch? Or was that a diffferent day?
ametaphorokay ametaphorokay Oct 11, 2015
I want to go to a school where the popular people think they are all that because me and my group of friends will roast the crap out of them. Like I want someone to try me  and my friends
AnimeAddicted24 AnimeAddicted24 Jun 01, 2014
                              I wanna read more of this.....it is good. :)
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