For the Love of Sydney (Editing)

For the Love of Sydney (Editing)

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Sacha M By SachaM Completed

"‘Damn it to hell’, she said to herself when he answered the phone; his voice penetrating her entire body. She took a few seconds to speak because she could hardly think straight at the moment."

Sydney spent her whole life focused on anything but love. There was no reason for it, at least not at this point in her life when her career was just taking off, but when she met him her whole life turned upside down. Will he be able to turn her ideas on relationships around? Or will he turn out to be just like the others?

"She wouldn’t turn to face him and he couldn’t tell whether she was crying or shaking from anger. He’s never seen her like that and it’s not something he wanted to see again. She was supposed to be happy; it was his job to make her happy, not make her feel pain."

shalom7 shalom7 Jun 15, 2016
No offense to anyone but I really don't like pink! People around me keep asking what kind of female i am cause I avoid pink like the plague!!  😑
                              Give me orange or green any day 😀👍
Evarawrous_Rex Evarawrous_Rex Jun 27, 2014
@SachaM my dad always said give credit wher its deserved. I loved this one too. I look forward to your next creation :)
SachaM SachaM Jun 26, 2014
@EvaWambani Eva you are spoiling me. :) I hope you like this one too.
SachaM SachaM Mar 18, 2014
@DezertFlower Thanks so much. You don't know what it means to me, especially from you.
SachaM SachaM Mar 17, 2014
@DezertFlower This one is a little more tame than my other ones. Thanks so much for reading.
DezertFlower DezertFlower Mar 17, 2014
I will give this one a try. I hope it is as good as the other story I read.  ;)