Demon's lover

Demon's lover

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candybunny89 By candybunny89 Updated Aug 20, 2018

Nagisa is a 'normal human' boy, who gets abused by his own mother. He's a genius assassin in 3-e class. He looks like a cute little girl and has natural blue hair. 

Karma is a mischievous boy, who just happened to be the demon prince of hell. He is one of the best assassins in 3-e class. He is a  hot guy that girls love and has natural red hair. 

But what happens when the king of hell sends karma up to the surface (where we humans live) to find a bride so he can become king. Will they fall in love or just be friends? Or maybe the assassination will get in the way of love?
Or maybe there are other secrets that are not yet known to human or demon kind. 

Read to find out. 

A/N I do not own assassination classroom or the picture so credit goes to them. And I'm not trying to copyright anything so very sorry if this is to much like a different story. And if you don't like yaoi then shu. 
And this is a story were the assassination classroom is still a thing.

Also this is my first fanfic that I have EVER written before so pls no hates. And I know! It is probably a terrible story but I'll let you guys decide if it's a good story or not. 

But if you like KARMAGISA! Then read this story pls!!!!!

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