A Pirate's Love

A Pirate's Love

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Sophie By TwistedDreams98 Updated Oct 03, 2016

"Turn er' around ya' bunch of slimy dogs, we don'a wan the ship to be under fire from tha cannons a'comin."  The first cannon sounded in the air as the ship slowly started to make a turn away from village.

They would wait a few years and then they would return.  

The cannons were a warning for the rest of the villagers. A warning which told them pirates were coming.   

But as the ship drifted back through the waters, away from the village, the captain turned to look back at his son whose hands were clenched onto the ships wooden railings, his eyes squinting through the mist, trying to get another view of the girl. 

 "All in due time lad, savvy? Aye, we'll be back."  

And they stayed true to their word. For the boy never forgot that little girl on the shore that day, not even when he turned 16 years old, her face was still imprinted in his mind.   

And on the 16th May 1658 they came.

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Ele246 Ele246 Jan 07, 2015
I think that you actually had a very good start with it!! Will you continue working on it?
kikireader18 kikireader18 Feb 11, 2014
As i all ready said this story us amazing. Even if it only has 3 chapters. Please keep writing i would love to read on!!!!!!
kikireader18 kikireader18 Feb 11, 2014
wow i cant believe this story isnt popular. it needs to get known to wattpad its amazing!!!!!