Sheriff Boy

Sheriff Boy

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Mrs. Lachowski By ambrosia_ Updated Aug 19, 2014

Sheriff Boy. That's what she called him. 

He was a simpleton, a classic goofball. With his constant jokes, he never failed to make her laugh. His little passes here and there made her giggle uncontrollably. The carefree attitude he wore was what she admired about him.

She was fiery, a headstrong girl. Her bright smile never failed to make the corners of his lips twitch upwards. Her need to stand up for herself made him look up to her.

They were Shayenne Thompson and Brady Chester. And this is their story.

trxppin trxppin May 29, 2016
That they have big cocks😎 
                              Ohh yeaaa😎
                              Sike! Big feet = BIG HEART
                              Or nah
- - Dec 22, 2014
I love it! It sounds so sweet and carefree! Nice cover by the way :)
CrownedMadness CrownedMadness Mar 20, 2014
I like carefree light-hearted humour and romance-filled it already! ;)  ♥♥♥
Bevurlaay Bevurlaay Feb 06, 2014
They kinda remind me of Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson :3
                              Like it already.