Truly Beautiful (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club fanfiction)

Truly Beautiful (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club fanfiction)

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A Mere Ideology By SquaryQ Completed

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HEADCANNON: Rei always strived to perfection and beauty because his siblings, including twin are prodigies

Ryugazaki Aoi, fifteen years of age, Samezuka swim team- first year, Strokes- Back and Butterfly. 

"Oh don't let us keep you Aoi"
"What are you doing here?"
"Stop showing off Aoi!"
"Prissy prodigy you are."
"I was handling it!"
"You never care, you're too busy being the perfect little princess."
"The cold rarely bothers Aoi anyway."

Words from my brother. He has had a vendetta against me for years. It's best for me not to talk about it; only causes friction between people who are social with the two of us (not that that's many people, we're polar opposites in most situations)

I am Ryugazaki Aoi, also known as Chouko, however if you call me that you'll never see the light of the next day. I'm a swimmer. Some say that the swimmers on the Samezuka team are robots, programmed to swim and swim and swim to get accomplishments for the school but let me be the first to say we're not. Especially my two closest friends Nitori Aiichirou and Matsuoka Rin, we have stories we honestly prefer not to share, in this school nobody likes to pry. 

Outside of Samezuka we're totally different people, Rin is hard and cold, Nito' is quiet and shy and I am outright stubborn yet sisterly and unfortunately that is what got me so close to Tachibana Makoto, my twin brother's swim captain and one of those people you want to spend time with even though you really shouldn't.

Cover art designed by Levee_Ayzis

IM NOT HER AND EVEN IM BLUSHING \(\\\(≧∇≦)\(///∇///)/
mel67skye mel67skye Dec 03, 2015
Yaaaas! I'be been waiting for some one to give rei a sister! It's always been makoto and Haru! never really Nagisa or rei!
Maximum_The_Heichou Maximum_The_Heichou Sep 22, 2015
Did anyone else thinks of Aoi from Maid-Sama? No? Just me okay
- - May 22, 2015
Whoa~! I've never read a Free! Fanfic, so this looks really awesome!
MysteriousHeavenGirl MysteriousHeavenGirl May 14, 2015
This is the first time reading your book. But this seems really interesting and awesome! I love the way how you started the book! 
                              Omg this chapter reminds me of that episode. It cracks me up. XD
- - Mar 08, 2015
Wouldn't it be Rinka, sense Haru's full first name is Haruka?