Her Protective Alpha

Her Protective Alpha

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Dark_Angel By xXDark_Moon_AngelXx Completed

"I told u i dont wanna." I pouted
"Your gonna have to do it." Blake said looking at me.
"Im not ready." I pushed passed him

Jada is a normal person. Well as for as she gets since she is a werewolf. She has always wanted a mate. On her 16th birthday which is only a few days away. She will finally shift and meet her mate at the ceremony since she is the soon-to-be-beta of the Blood stone pack. While her sister Lola is the soon-to-be-alpha of the Blood Stone pack.When she finally shifts she meets her wolf.. She meets her mate at the ceremony

Blake he is a werewolf too. He is a player and a soon-to-be-alpha of Red blood pack (Sorry best name i got) He has always wanted a mate. He has waited 2 years. Then one day his pack gets a invitation to go to a ceremony. They went of course and that is when he met his mate. That is when he knew that his life has changed. He was a player he has had over 20  girlfriends which he hopping that one of those were his mates. He almost got one of his girlfriends PREGNANT.what happens when she isnt READY for it yet? 

Will they go through the arguments that every wolf couple goes through or will Blake break her heart when he does something bad. What will happen. Will they forgive and forget or will Jada hate him forever. Want to find out then read the story. Oh and there will be Jake and Lola in the story. Those 4 are the main characters

Disclaimer- This story does have cursing and a little bit of other stuff if u dont like that i will put a warning and u can read the next chapter if u want too.